Yangtze River Ports Modernizing

Chongqing Port Logistics Group has invited investors and suppliers to participate in its nine major projects to modernize port operations, upgrade infrastructure and develop commodity trading facilities along the Yangtze River. The Rmb 4.2 billion ($543 million) worth of projects include Cutan Logistics Centre, Chongqing Railway Container Logistics Park, Changshou Chemical Terminal and Chongqing Metal Logistics Supply Centre.

Chongqing Port merged with Fuling and Wanzhou ports along with the Chongqing Municipal Production Material Corp. in September 2006 to form a conglomerate with an estimated asset value of more than Rmb 5 billion ($646 million).

“The second phase of the Cutan International Container Terminal has been listed as a top priority on the government’s agenda,” said Ms. Li Xueqing, director of the group’s President’s Office.

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