MODEX 2016: Time to Get Involved

MODEX 2016: Time to Get Involved

MODEX 2016 offers attendees the opportunity to stay relevant in their industry, while also showcasing the latest and greatest products and solutions.

We're now three months into 2016, with almost a full quarter under our belts, so how is your company doing compared to last year? 2015, by the way, turned out to be a fantastic year for sales of material handling equipment, according to trade association MHI. But this year things could be a little trickier, with a strong dollar and an improving global economy likely to make things tougher on U.S. companies as the U.S. economy slows. But the material handling and logistics community tends to do its best work when faced with challenges, and a lot of the groundwork for staying competitive this year and in future years could very well begin at this year's MODEX 2016 trade show, held in Atlanta, Ga., April 4-7.

The good news is, Georgia already held its primary on Super Tuesday, so you don't have to worry about being inundated by political sloganeering while you're in Atlanta. Instead, you can focus your time and attention on the 800 or so exhibit booth at MODEX 2016, where you'll find the latest and most innovative technologies on display, right next to the reliable and time-tested solutions you've relied on for years to store and move your products. You'll also find more warehousing, transportation and supply chain professionals and experts in one place than you're likely to find anywhere else in the United States this year.

MODEX's roster of keynote speakers is heavy on well-known entrepreneurs this year, including Peter Diamandis, chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, and Kevin O'Leary, perhaps best known as a celebrity investor on the TV show "Shark Tank." Diamandis will talk about "How to Create a Culture of Innovation within Your Company," while O'Leary will offer what he calls "Lessons from a Dragon." And for those who are increasingly fascinated by the Internet of Things, Cisco's Jack Allen will speak about "The Connected Supply Chain" and the impact that disruptive technologies are having on supply chain strategy.

There will also be numerous educational seminars—some of them offered by leading universities and research centers, and some by vendors in theater presentations right there in the exhibit hall. There's even a panel of experts who will share their insights on the current state of the industry, moderated by MHI's George Prest and Deloitte Consulting's Scott Sopher. In other words, you're not going to lack for something to do at MODEX 2016, and if you're looking for a chance to get involved in your industry, this is the place to do so.

But the show, of course, is best known for its exhibit hall, so in the following pages we've put together a sampling of some of the products vendors plan to show in their booths. Products are grouped by the location of their exhibits in the MODEX hall, which fall into three Solution Center areas: Fulfillment & Delivery, Information Technology, and Manufacturing & Assembly.  


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