igus Triflex RSP Pneumatic Retraction System

March 24, 2015
The system allows operators to keep cables out of the working area of their warehouse robots.

From small welding robots to large palletizing robots, cable-carrier manufacturer igus offers cable-guidance systems for a wide range of robotic applications.

The latest addition to its multi-axis cable-carrier line is an adjustable retraction system. Triflex RSP is designed for secure cable guidance on large robot arms or for robots programmed to perform complex movements.

The force at which Triflex RSP retracts can be adjusted by changing the pressure inside its pneumatic cylinder. This means the cable carrier can be safely retracted, even when guiding a complex assortment of cables and hoses. Triflex RSP can be attached to various robot models quickly and easily thanks to its compact mounting brackets. The system is both space saving and lightweight. 

Click below to watch a video interview with New Equipment Digest's Travis Hessman and igus Regional Sales Manager Scott Williams. The igus website is here.