Logistics Today 2007 Salary Survey: Hitting the Glass Ceiling

  • Going for the Green (Commentary)
  • General Profile (Tables)
  • Pay Comparisons By Job Title, Industry, Age, Experience, Etc. (Tables)
  • It’s news to no one that regardless of age, experience or education, men working in logistics careers tend to make more than women. Although women responding to the 2007 Logistics Today Salary Survey do have a few years less experience (a median of 13 years vs. 17 years for men), they earn dramatically less (a median of $51,750 vs. $70,500 for men).

    Unfortunately, the wage discrepancy shows little signs of leveling out. Comparing median salaries by age, while women in their 20s earn just 14% less than men in their age bracket, women in their 30s earn 40% less than men. The discrepancy decreases again for women in their 40s, who earn 22% less than men, and women in their 50s, who earn 33% less. With such wage gaps, it’s no wonder that men account for four out of five management jobs in logistics.

    The Less Fairly Paid Sex

    Direct Pay

    Age, median yrs.

    Logistics experience, median yrs.

    25th Percentile


    75th Percentile

    90th Percentile


    Bonus, median

    Total pay, median





















    Note: Direct compensation, age, experience and annual bonus for U.S. respondents only, n=1,941

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