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One-Person Die Loading & Unloading (Product) Air Technical Industries

One-Person Die Loading & Unloading (Product)

Air Technical Industries’ Heavy Die & Mold Installation and Retrieval System is self-loading and unloading and is capable of helping one person install heavy dies into a press. This will eliminate injuries from pushing, flexing, stretching, reaching, etc. This design features two short arms and two long arms to do the pushing and pulling with just a press of the button. The push/pull arms are manually positioned or can also be hydraulically powered. The arms can pull the die or mold from the storage shelving to the conveyor top deck which is elevated to the desired height. It then securely holds the load to transport it to the press. The unit then raises or lowers the die to the press table height and then pushes the die as deep into the press as required. The unit is mobile, mounted on wheels and casters with “T” type bar for lighter units. The self-propelled unit is battery powered with a built-in battery charger that makes the unit self-sufficient. The capacity available is 2000 lbs up to 50,000 lbs with a lifting range from 14” up to 120” high for multi-level self-storage and retrieval systems. The size ranges from 24” up to 96” wide and 48” up to 144” long.

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