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Truckers Getting Largest Pay Raises in US

Truckers Getting Largest Pay Raise in US

“Truck drivers haven’t yet been replaced by machines, and they are in very high demand,” said  Andrew Chamberlain of Glassdoor.

In October, truck drivers’ wages grew 7.8%.

This was quite a substantial pay raise compared to the wage growth of all jobs which was 2.8%, according to a survey by, a job-search website.

"We have a booming economy, we're seven years into the expansion and truck drivers are the front line," Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor told CNNMoney.

“Truck drivers haven’t yet been replaced by machines, and they are in very high demand,” Chamberlain added.

The median pay for long haul drivers is $54,000. Truckers who work for a private fleet can earn up to $73,000 a year, according to The American Trucking Association.

Looking at other comparable positions machine operators earn $36,800, construction workers earn $36,600 and maintenance workers earn $41,179, according to Glassdoor.

Higher wages in addition to bonuses linked to monthly mileage, fuel efficiency and other measures are some of the ways that the trucking industry is trying to attract new truck drivers. The shortage of truck drivers is growing. In 2013, the shortage was only 30,000 drivers, however the current shortage of 50,000.

One problem in attracting new drivers are issues related to the age of the drivers. “At a time when work-life balance issues such as paid leave and flexible schedules are gaining spotlight in the American economy, trucking companies are challenged to recruit and retain workers,” explains Patrick Gillespie, of CNNMoney. “Industry leaders say they are challenged to bring in young drivers because of the grueling work demands.”

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