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Workers Dont Think They Lose Jobs to Outsourced Manufacture

Hudson specializes in professional staffing, outsourcing and human capital solutions – motivation for conducting a national survey of 2814 workers to gauge their reactions to current threats of manufacturing moving abroad.

Although most of those surveyed feel that they would not find their jobs moved away from the U.S., two-thirds feel that the trend to outsourcing manufacture is bad for the country’s economy.

According to the survey, one-third of workers in manufacturing think their jobs might be moved to another country, while just 11% of workers in the service field thought their jobs might move abroad. More than half, 54% of manufacturing workers believe that if jobs were outsourced that would be done within the U.S., while 27% thought such outsourcing would move out of the country.

“We were surprised by the strength of sentiment against offshore outsourcing despite the limited personal impact reported by the workforce,” says Jeff Anderson, Senior Vice President of Hudson Global Resources. “In fact, half of the surveyed worker opposed the practice so strongly that they advocate government penalties on companies that outsource jobs to offshore locations.”

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