AGV with Built-in RFID [New Products]

AGV with Built-in RFID [New Products]

The Creform Super NSI AGV features a 2,000-lb load capacity, 50-course programming via HMI touchscreen and built-in RFID for traffic control. This unit can travel limited distances off its magnetic tape guidepath and spins either right or left by course programming, allowing it to back into space restricted locations and pick up empty carts. The maximum turning rotation is 240 degrees.

The Super NSI AGV has a category 2 safety rating with obstacle sensor, non-contact laser bumper, e-stop, audible warning and flashing light. It is powered by two 12V high capacity TPPL batteries. When an AGV moves into an integrated opportunity charging station along the guidepath, it lowers its charging probes to make contact with the conductor plate embedded in the floor, and a verification sensor confirms and the unit is charging. This feature maintains the battery charge level without human intervention.


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