Analytics Tools for WMS [New Products]

Analytics Tools for WMS [New Products]

The Snapfulfil SaaS Warehouse Management Software (WMS) from Synergy Logistics now includes business intelligence and dashboard tools developed by Microstrategy. The new functionality will be introduced at ProMat 2015.

Each reporting pod within the dashboard can be interrogated in a variety of ways, and the business intelligence reports are customizable with graphs, charts, gauges and other options. Alerts can be set by the user and reports exported via e-mail, with annotations to provide swift notification and further investigation. This data is integrated with the data within the Snapfulfil Data Cube, and non-linear reporting allows for rapid searches of millions of rows of data.  

Snapfulfil WMS includes full RF/barcode scanning equipment and functionality, but is deployed in a way that is accessible to all.

Synergy Logistics Ltd.

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