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Rugged Tablet for Warehousing

Feb. 8, 2020
Janam Technologies has introduced the HT1, an 8-inch rugged tablet for warehousing applications.

Janam Technologies has introduced the HT1, an 8-inch rugged tablet. It is designed to improve line of business applications including put-away and replenishment, cross-docking, shipping and receiving, inventory management, merchandising and clienteling.

The HT1 rugged tablet provides latest-generation speed and performance and is purpose-built to operate in any industry including retail, warehousing, manufacturing, field service, transportation and construction.

It runs Android 9 (with ability to be upgraded to future generations of Android) in Google’s AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) program. Timely security updates can extend the HT1’s product lifecycle.

The HT1 features a 14-pin pogo connector to attach accessories such as Janam’s optional 2D imager module to provide high-performance scanning of printed and mobile barcodes. High-resolution front and rear cameras provide HT1 users with additional data capture support.

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