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Platform for Transportation Data Management

Feb. 25, 2020
Breakthrough has introduced FELIX, a transportation data management platform.

Breakthrough has introduced a transportation data management platform, FELIX, that provides shippers with a single, streamlined system to secure and strengthen strategic relationships with transportation partners.

FELIX (Freight, Energy, Load, Information and eXperience) is a platform based on shippers’ demand for capacity and gives transportation teams the ability to optimize their capacity and rates using transparent data captured from the broader transportation ecosystem.

FELIX utilizes proprietary methodology for identifying contracted capacity solutions and providing rate guidance to shippers. The database powering the FELIX platform provides a comprehensive view of the North American transportation ecosystem, allowing decision-makers to develop sustainable, long-term plans for their contract freight while reducing the need for unplanned spot freight and benchmarking.

Additional highlights of FELIX include increased access to fuel and freight forecasting, the ability to further understand carrier areas of operation, the power to recognize and offer market-based pricing to carriers, and The Recommender, an engine that captures transparent network information and turns it into suggested actions in a shipper’s network to drive efficiencies.


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