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Aug. 5, 2020
Columbus McKinnon has launched the Magnetek brand Intelli-Lift System.

Columbus McKinnon has launched the Magnetek brand Intelli-Lift System.

Leveraging automation technology to improve users’ safety, uptime and productivity, the Intelli-Lift System helps prevent load swing caused by load misalignment when the rope and hook are not vertical. As an added layer of protection, Intelli-Lift also detects snagged conditions that can occur along the travel path, or when moving hooks, slings, and rigging to the next lift, and stops all motions.

Swinging loads are not only dangerous for operators; they can damage equipment, resulting in costly repairs and downtime. To reduce these risks, Intelli-Lift alerts operators with a visible and audible warning before a dangerous load misalignment or snag condition occurs. Using sensors and a status control enclosure, the system activates directional lights and a programmable warning horn if it detects a side pull or off-center pick. Intelli-Lift will then assist operators, through manual or automatic adjustment, to center the bridge and trolley over the load before it is hoisted.

In the Detection System, the status control enclosure provides notification of a misalignment or snag and allows the operator to manually correct the load position. The Prevention System offers two types of positional correction: Manual and Auto. In either Manual or Auto Correction, the load cannot be adjusted until the hoist motion is stopped. While using Manual Correction, an operator can use a Magnetek pendant or radio remote control to manually realign the load. In the Auto Correction System, software built into the Intelli-Lift System automatically re-centers the hoist above the load by moving the bridge and trolley.

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