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Supply Chain Control Tower

Oct. 22, 2020
Kinaxis has introduced a dedicated Command & Control Center application to manage supply chain disruptions on the RapidResponse platform.

Kinaxis Inc. is expanding its control tower capabilities on the RapidResponse platform with a new dedicated Command & Control Center application to manage supply chain disruptions.

The Command & Control Center app gives companies instant visibility and actionable insights into the health of its business through an intuitive dashboard that combines traditional data with digital disruption detection signals. Companies can manage day-to-day variability and unexpected volatility in real-time by prioritizing and automating routine responses, thanks to prescriptive recommended actions based on KPIs. The automatic capture of decision data leads to future AI-based decision-making and recommendation improvements.

Kinaxis is also strengthening its demand management portfolio. With enhanced demand sensing capabilities, companies can increase revenue, keep customers happy and significantly reduce stock outs by incorporating real-time demand signals, data inputs and automatic machine learning. The result is light-touch short-and long-term forecasting and improved accuracy, without the need for a team of data scientists. The addition of AI-powered promotions planning capabilities helps consumer product and retail companies identify the best business opportunities, reduce missed-dollar opportunities and increase promo revenue uplift. When combined with The Self-Healing Supply Chain offering, Kinaxis becomes the first supply chain planning solution provider with AI-based solutions for both supply and demand planning.

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