Orbis Poly Silk 609b2f23e4e56

Dunnage Fabric for Delicate Materials

May 12, 2021
ORBIS has added PolySilk to its list of ORBIShield textile materials, a nonwoven center fabric material suitable for delicate materials and parts.

ORBIS Corporation has added PolySilk to its list of ORBIShield textile materials. This nonwoven center fabric material is suitable for soft divider sets, hanging bags used for lightweight parts and as protection for extra-delicate Class-A components, chrome and painted parts.

PolySilk has an overall lighter structure due to the center being nonwoven. This material adds to the lineup of protective solutions by ORBIShield for the shipping and transporting of products.

ORBIShield custom protective dunnage protects parts during transit, assembly and storage. Using a variety of foam, rigid and fabric materials, it is custom-designed to protect unique vehicle parts. Examples include divider sets, hanging bags, foam packs, inserts and stand-alone packaging.

ORBIShield dunnage is designed to improve inventory control by maintaining consistent quantities in each container and optimize lineside efficiency by facilitating removal of handling parts.

ORBIS Corporation