Panasonic Toughbook S1

Rugged Tablet for Logistics Workers

May 19, 2021
Panasonic has launched the TOUGHBOOK S1, a fully rugged 7-inch Android tablet for mobile workers who need to capture and access critical information in the field.

Panasonic has launched the TOUGHBOOK S1, a fully rugged 7-inch Android tablet that offers the functionality, performance, power and flexibility mobile workers need when capturing and accessing critical information in the field. The device is supported by productivity+, a comprehensive Android ecosystem that enables users to develop, deploy and sustain the Android OS environment in the enterprise.

The TOUGHBOOK S1 tablet’s compact, rugged and lightweight body is made for portability and reliability for workers who move from place to place across the manufacturing, transportation and logistics and field services industries. With a 14-hour battery life and warm swap battery, warehouse workers and truck drivers can use the device across multiple shifts without having to stop and charge.

Featuring a high-powered long-term chipset, the TOUGHBOOK S1 is a 7-inch enterprise-grade tablet that enables both landscape and portrait modes so users can view applications in an orientation that best suits their needs. It features an outdoor-readable anti-reflection screen, patented rain mode and multi-touch performance whether using a stylus, finger or glove. These features are helpful for mobile workers who find themselves inspecting outdoor facilities, managing a lot of data or delivering packages that require signature proof.

The back of the device is designed with a functional ergonomic grip to support ease of use; requested by field workers, logistics professionals and technicians.

An optional barcode reader provides workers with integrated barcode scanning options in landscape or portrait modes, enhancing the efficiency of order processing and fulfillment. Other optional accessories include an extended life battery pack and a second USB-A port for added functionality.

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