Ergonomic Safety Wearable

Oct. 13, 2021
Pint-sized wearables designed for high hazard industries, the Soter Device from Soter Analytics is an ATEX-certified wearable with multipronged features to prevent back and shoulder injuries.

Pint-sized wearables designed for high hazard industries, the Soter Device is an ATEX-certified wearable that packs a huge punch with its multipronged features to prevent back and shoulder injuries from occurring on the job.

Featuring a total weight of 20 grams and a compact size of .8 x 1 in. (2 x 3 cm), the wearable provides personalized training with real-time biofeedback in the form of audible, vibrotactile, and visual alerts, as well as on-the-job, microlearning manual handling tutorials. All the data collected is available through a smartphone application as well as a dashboard for management, showcasing key metrics on an aggregated or individual level.

The wearable can be implemented through SoterCoach or Clip&Go solutions.

SoterCoach uses the wearable device and an AI-driven training program to coach workers to self-correct their movements in real-time through a mobile app, preventing back and shoulder ergonomic injuries.

Clip&Go is specifically designed for large facilities to help raise awareness and reduce manual handling movements that contribute to musculoskeletal pain, lost workdays, and injury claims. Whether the worksite consists of 10 or 1000 employees, Clip&Go is easy to deploy and scale in just a few hours. With a communal management app, the entire workforce can be managed, checking performance and gaining insight on ergonomic data. Additionally, there is a fully-autonomous charging hub with an integrated tablet to launch and scale the solution in just a few hours.

Aside from the technology increasing worker wellbeing and promoting behavioral change with its personalized coaching, the data collected on a company and individual level through the Soter Device provides insights that pinpoint areas of risk on an ongoing basis, ensuring the continuation of safe practices.

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