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Fully Automatic Case Former

Oct. 19, 2021
As the next iteration of the popular selling WF30, the Wexxar Bel WF30 Gen2 Fully Automatic Case Former delivers operational upgrades.

As the next iteration of the popular selling WF30, the WF30 Gen2 Fully Automatic Case Former offers efficiency and operational upgrades.

Updates to the WF30 Gen2 include a larger, 10 in. (254 mm) Allen Bradley HMI that’s now a standard feature. The HMI is paired with an Allen Bradley PLC, standardizing the overall control components of the machine. Minimal training will be required, making it an easy transition for service and maintenance staff. This creates a system that improves upon the overall functionality of the machine, while also providing a platform that’s simple to maintain and easy to operate.

The WF30 Gen2 comes with a magazine that’s optimized for operator use. The magazine materials have been upgraded to aluminum and stainless steel for corrosion resistance. A guide system enables the magazine to be smoother and faster to adjust, further expediting the changeover process.

Updated extrusions with larger, more rigid bifold doors and stronger hinges further improve product robustness and safety. Additionally, the servo and ball screws have been optimized to increase operating speed, power, efficiency, and reliability. This optimization allows the machine to run at a higher speed, handle heavier corrugates, and be more accurate – all while using less energy.

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