Smooth Edge Roller Conveyor

Nov. 11, 2021
Dorner's edge roller technology ERT150 Conveyor is ideal for small and light-load assembly automation.

The edge roller technology ERT150 Conveyor is ideal for small and light-load assembly automation, as well as medical and medical-device assembly applications. It is the only pallet conveyor of its kind available with an ISO Standard Class 4 rating for cleanroom applications. Earning the ISO Standard 14644-1 Class 4 rating means it will conform and not contribute to the contamination of cleanrooms to those standards.

The conveyor uses rollers to move pallet conveyors smoothly with no friction. The open design eliminates concerns of small parts or screws dropping into rollers and causing conveyor damage or jamming.

The ERT150 is ideally suited to operate in cleanroom environments requiring a pallet handling conveyor capable of zoning for no or low-back pressure accumulation and automation assembly applications within industries including medical, electronics, and consumer goods.

The rollers are driven by an energy efficient linear gearbox that gives customers added flexibility with motor positioning and zoning. This allows for zone and slip roller operation. Simply removing a lower gear creates independent zones. The non-contact zone control provides simplified traffic control that eliminates pallet stops and costly pneumatic valves. Conversely, slip rollers can be used for full length runs with conventional pneumatic pallet stops. The rollers are easily accessible and can quickly be replaced without affecting the remaining portion of the conveyor.

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