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Motorized Pallet Jack

Jan. 4, 2022
The Lift-Rite Edge lithium-ion pallet jack offers good maneuverability in confined spaces.

The Edge, a motorized, lithium-ion pallet jack with a 3,300 lb (1496.9 kg) capacity, is ideal for use in tight spaces. The compact pallet jack offers good maneuverability in confined spaces with its pinwheeling capability and convenient turtle and creep modes. Quickly operational, the Edge is ready to operate with a simple pin code entry and is for use in a variety of environments and applications including narrow aisles, retail backrooms, front of stores, delivery, dock, warehouses, mezzanines, and elevators.

It also offers the same familiar controls as other motorized pallet jacks with lift, lower, travel, and horn functions all accessed by using the ergonomic handle. With fast charging and easy battery changes, the Edge increases productivity when compared to manual hand pallet jacks.


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