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Brown Box Replacement

Jan. 12, 2022
ORBIS Corporation's reusable and 100% recyclable PlastiCorr boxes are ideal for fast moving consumer goods applications.

The first direct replacement for single use corrugated packaging requiring no changes to pack out quantity or logistics processes, the reusable and 100% recyclable PlastiCorr boxes are ideal for fast moving consumer goods applications. Reusable up to 70 cycles, the boxes facilitate sustainability and improved efficiency on site.

The all-plastic design eliminates dust and moisture issues. All edges are sealed to reduce the potential harbor area for contaminants and improve safety and ergonomics. PlastiCorr works with most non-glue automated packaging lines and is compatible with existing box sealing methods. The Enfold technology allows box flaps to return to the straight position after each use, so the boxes stay within spec after multiple uses to reduce line downtime.

Custom sleeve packs are used to consolidate, orient, and protect the reusable PlastiCorr boxes. Truck and warehouse utilization can be optimized by double and triple stacking.

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