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Li-Ion-Powered Ground Support Vehicles

Feb. 2, 2022
Li-Ion-Powered Ground Support Vehicles from Waev optimize electrification for the material handling and facilities market.

The fully electric, lithium-ion-powered Tiger tow tractors and Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot utility vehicles feature significantly lower total cost of ownership, zero emissions, industry-first safety features, and limited maintenance. Tiger and Bigfoot Li-ion vehicles knock down barriers for ground support, industrial, campus, and facility leaders to make the switch to Li-ion by maintaining uncompromised range, towing, and hauling and offering familiar user controls for operation.

The all-new, fully electric, Tiger Li-ion lineup consists of two vehicle models – the Tiger 30/60 and the Tiger 30/60 XD.

The Tiger 30/60 Li-Ion is manufactured with a 100% steel body-on-frame with bolt-on chassis components. This familiar design offers capabilities, operations, and serviceability that’s familiar and proven in the ground support equipment space, providing a seamless experience for operators looking to electrify their established fleets with next-gen tractors. This familiar design requires little to no specialized operator training and includes many common GSE parts.

The Tiger 30/60 XD Li-Ion is manufactured with a 100% steel, unibody frame design. The integrated frame, counterweights, floorboard, front and rear bumpers, and cowling are welded together for added rigidity and durability in the harshest environments. Front and rear leaf spring suspensions provide a smoother ride and controlled handling over uneven pavement. The optimized pedal placement, additional legroom, spacious steering placement, 13 in. driver step-up, and added room between operators is designed for riders of all sizes, minimizing fatigue. The XD model is best for operators looking to upgrade to a premium, heavy-duty frame and fleet managers who want their users to have more control, easier ingress and egress, and more space to operate.

Bigfoot electric utility vehicles are industry-leading mainstays because of their range of up to 60 miles, load capacity of up to 3,000 lb., and towing capacity of up to 10,000 lb. and are often used indoors and throughout closed campuses like airports, corporate campuses, and convention centers. Li-ion batteries are now available for all three Bigfoot models – Bigfoot 48V, Bigfoot XL, and Bigfoot 3000. Li-ion-powered Bigfoot utility vehicles provide customers with the same load and towing capacity, as well as a comfortable operator’s compartment with two-person seating, tilted steering, and adjustable seats. Bigfoot utility vehicles are highly customizable with full cabs, enclosures, integrated racks, carts, and other accessories that add to their versatility.

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