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Robust Gripper

Feb. 8, 2022
The piSOFTGRIP 100-4 gripper from Piab can hold objects up to 3.94 in. (100 mm) in width.

The largest version in a series of grippers, the piSOFTGRIP 100-4 has four gripping fingers and a vacuum cavity allowing it to hold objects up to 3.94 in. (100 mm) in width.

Made in detectable silicone approved for direct contact with food, the vacuum gripper can be used to automate the handling of all sorts of fresh, unpackaged, and delicate food items without the risk of crushing it. It is also capable of handling odd-shaped machine parts or removing injection molded parts.

The gripper's very small footprint makes it ideal for multiple applications even in space restraint machine settings. They do not require any specific programming. To ensure the right gripping force for gentle but safe handling of delicate objects, the vacuum level can easily be adjusted.

The intuitive and user-friendly design makes piSOFTGRIP vacuum grippers easy to integrate into automated procedures where they can help to secure the quality of products and increase overall productivity. With the wash down fittings, cleaning is made easy.

Piab USA, Inc.

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