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RFID Portal Portfolio

Feb. 15, 2022
The Integrated RFID Portals from Zebra Technologies provide better read rates and improved asset visibility.

The easy-to-deploy and highly accurate Integrated RFID Portals increase operational efficiency, workflow accuracy, and performance for a range of industrial and commercial environments. The four integrated solutions are ideal for asset and workflow management, traceability, and compliance applications. The portfolio provides better read rates and improves asset visibility.

  • The Zebra Transition RFID Portal is used primarily at dock doors to automate and improve the efficiency of previously manual data capture and product flow operations where human intervention and/or manual barcode scanning is required. 
  • The Zebra Wall-Mount RFID Portal is fully enclosed and easily mounts near doorways, storage rooms, and hallways in offices and warehouses to help track a variety of assets such as IT devices and pharmaceutical items. 
  • Offering a unique form factor designed to automatically read assets traveling down a conveyer, the Zebra Fixed RFID Tunnel can monitor workflow, validate boxed products, and improve shipping accuracy.  
  • Zebra’s Integrated RFID Table uses a fixed reader mounted within a custom-built table supporting sorting, packing, and compliance workflows.

Featuring specialized antennas, the Integrated RFID Portals offer reliable RFID performance to ensure highly accurate read rates. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connections allow for easy installation and deployment.

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