Log Net

Global Supply Chain Platform

March 23, 2022
LOG-NET 9 redefines what is possible in international commerce.

Version 9 of the global supply chain platform LOG-NET integrates AI and process knowledge. Combining these characteristics with machine learning, Robotic Process Automation, and workflow, version 9 achieves a level of autonomous operation not previously possible. At a time when supply chains are straining around the world, LOG-NET's machine-based processing of end-to-end logistics is a powerful solution.

LOG-NET 9 combines what were traditionally separate functions of order management, end-to-end visibility, transportation management, supplier management, forwarding, distribution management, documentation, and customs into one experience and system. The system is capable of planning and executing a majority of global logistics processes with suppliers, logistics providers, carriers, distribution centers, and customer.

It is capable of being able to maintain KPIs set by your organizations. LOG-NET 9 validates and autonomously executes vendor performance, booking reviews and approvals, carrier allocation and projections, optimal product mix, load planning, drayage orders, cargo routing, demurrage and detention management, freight audit and payment, yard planning, and more.


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