Load Optimization

May 25, 2022
Shipwell introduces load optimization as part of its TMS.

Enabling users to save time, money, and carbon emissions, the new load optimization feature is built directly into Shipwell’s TMS. It uses Shipwell’s integrated pricing intelligence tool to forecast load rates and compare them to optimized routes.

The feature leverages a proprietary algorithm to assess each order’s details, including size, weight, locations, pickup, and delivery times; this allows the orders to be consolidated into the most cost-efficient routes and modes.

While providing shippers the ability to customize load plans, the feature eliminates the manual process of importing and exporting data from third-party software or spreadsheets outside their TMS. Whenever an order is manually added or removed from a shipment plan, the algorithm automatically recalculates the cost and most efficient route for the shipment.

Efficient routing using the tool also ensures the shippers may reduce the carbon footprint of their shipments.


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