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Order Packing Validation

June 23, 2022
PackVIEW from Vimaan helps support improved operator efficiency, order quality, and customer satisfaction.

Leveraging the power of computer vision to provide order fulfillment accuracy, loss prevention, and quality control, PackVIEW is a patent pending fulfillment solution for warehouses and fulfillment centers. It automatically records and validates items during the order packing process, providing real-time goods fulfillment feedback and historical photographic records. PackVIEW ensure that packed orders are 100% correct before being shipped, improving outgoing order quality during an ongoing surge in eCommerce.

PackVIEW is platform agnostic and performs audits against order manifests from EMS, ERP, other inventory management systems, and even extracts data directly from a physical pick order. Packers can use the interface to validate SKUs and volumes from manifests; they are alerted in real time when orders are inaccurate. It uses Vimaan’s platform of sensors, cameras, computer vision algorithms, a WMS integration layer, and an intuitive app that is accessible by inventory management personnel.


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