Geek+ Pop Pick

Autonomous Mobile Robot

July 1, 2022
PopPick from Geek+ can handle goods of any size and varying configurations.

Geek+ has launched its PopPick autonomous mobile robot (AMR), capable of handling goods of any size and varying configurations. The PopPick workstation is the command center of the system, with the warehouse operator at the helm of a fleet of Geekplus’s flagship P-series picking robots that ferry racks of goods to the workstation. The operator views the orders on the screen and takes the retrieved goods from the station’s robotic arms, which present their cargo in an ergonomic position designed to maximize user comfort.

Rather than being limited to bins containing small items, PopPick is an all-in-one solution that can handle small, medium and large containers, as well as full pallets.

PopPick’s robotic arms were conceived on a compact, right-angle design, with a very small footprint and can pick and place boxes in both directions. PopPick’s double arms can achieve an average throughput capacity of some 500-600 totes per hour.


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