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Aug. 3, 2022
The AFSmart technology suite from AFS Logistics offers shippers and carriers fast, easy access to critical data for more informed management decisions.

The AFSmart technology suite is an integrated technology platform that offers shippers and carriers fast, easy access to critical data; the package of intuitive, cloud-native tools helps clients and carriers make faster, more informed decisions, automate processes, and more effectively manage logistics operations across multiple modes of transportation.

The tools within the integrated platform include:

  • AFSmartAudit – freight audit and payment processing that ensures shippers pay only what they should, with a comprehensive view of freight expenses across modes to uncover and resolve overpayments, billing errors, and discrepancies while identifying new opportunities to streamline processes
  • AFSmartTMS – transportation management system that allows users to rely on an intuitive, state-of-the-art portal that fully integrates with ERP systems to manage everyday freight tasks in one location, from creating quotes and bill of lading documents to confirming shipment information
  • AFSmartTrack – full shipment visibility that provides real-time updates and analytics for all inbound and outbound freight to equip users with the most informed perspective for critical logistics decisions
  • AFSmartClaim – automates the creation, tracking, and management of overage, shortage, and damage claims for faster, easier resolutions and access to additional LTL coverage
  • AFSmartAnalytics – provides a wide range of critical metrics through standard or customized reports, including high-level aggregate data sets and transactional metrics to track lanes, carriers, accessorials, spend, service levels, and more

The AFSmart technology suite features responsive, interactive controls, crisp, clear visuals, and intuitive navigation and search functions for instant access to relevant data.

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