Void Filler Solution

Aug. 19, 2022
HexcelPack's HexaFil is available with either automatic or manual dispensing units.

A 100% paper-based void fill solution that provides good block and bracing and additional cushioning in the box when compared to traditional paper and plastic-based options, HexaFil is an ideal solution for the e-commerce market. Available with either automatic or manual dispensing units to accommodate various shipping speeds, HexaFil delivers ultimate void fill combined with sustainability benefits, including being curbside recyclable and fully biodegradable.

HexaFil void fill utilizes the same three-dimensional hexagon design and proprietary slit paper technology as its signature cushioning product. This method makes the paper “flex,” expanding its volume while maximizing the strength and stiffness of its fibers. When HexaFil is dispensed either automatically or manually, it spirals like a helix. This creates the bulk required for effective void fill, ensuring packed items will be nestled in a stable position.

AutoHexaFil is the fully automatic dispensing solution for the void fill. The machine uses a novel bladeless cutting technique to dispense the sustainable void fill material into corrugated shippers up to three times faster than alternatives. Fully automatic with a programmable screen and electric operation via foot pedal, the machine quickly dispenses HexaFil in preset lengths with no cutting blades or dangerous components needed.

When speed is less of a factor, or in applications with lower shipping volume and space and technician constraints, Manual HexaFil is an ideal solution. The manual dispenser can be conveniently set next to a small packing table with the HexaFil easily dispensed from the roll by hand.

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