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Robotic-Arm Gripper

Sept. 1, 2022
Kurt Workholding's RV24 Robotic Gripper features quick-change customizable jaws and automation integration.

A scaled-down version of the RV36 Gripper, the RV24 Robotic Gripper is a two-finger parallel gripper featuring a patent-pending design that allows automated finger/end effector changes without changing the gripper body itself. Quick change jaws allow users to improve automation efficiency, save on gripper-body expenses, and create greater part-holding flexibility.

The compact gripper comes standard with integrated electronics featuring sensors that ensure fingers and parts are in place and ready for production. High-strength aluminum alloy keeps gripper weight to a minimum while a hard-coat finish reduces wear and increases life in the field. The gripper size allows for smaller part handling, lighter minimum clamping force, and easier storage. The RV24 is designed to work with a range of robotic applications and can perform well on cobots or smaller robots.

The double-acting piston allows for flexible clamping and un-clamping force. Users can choose from machinable aluminum or steel finger options that can be machined to work in a variety of applications.

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