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Adaptable Quality Control Machine

Sept. 1, 2022
The TQS-MD from WIPOTEC-OCS offers various combinations of product-specific quality control solutions.

A flexible quality control machine, the Traceable Quality System Modular Design (TQS-MD) uses a “building block” concept for a solution tailored to meet specific needs. If offers various combinations of product-specific quality control solutions, including weighing, marking and verifying, labeling, metal detection, and serialization/aggregation.

Typically applied to print “best before” dates, batch codes or lot numbers on boxes, the popular basic setup marks, verifies, and weighs products on a footprint of just one meter in length and can be upgraded to execute full serialization where required.

Another TQS-MD setup geared toward food applications can weigh, label, and inspect for metallic foreign bodies in a single process step. By adapting product handling modules to a larger dimension, TQS-MD models also can be arranged to handle big boxes. Since such cases generally entail unit-level information for serialization, aggregation or shipping, a track & trace module is also usually engaged in these instances.

All TQS-MD models employing a weighing station feature the company’s high-tech Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration weigh cells, a differentiating engineering design that guarantees precise weighing results.


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