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Label Applicator

Sept. 13, 2022
The VVM Label Applicator from WLS efficiently applies temperature-sensitive labels to help ensure product efficacy.

Designed for installation on virtually any WLS labeler, the VVM label applicator applies thermochromic “vaccine vial monitor” labels that change color when exposed to an out-of-tolerance temperature for a set amount of time; this indicated whether each container has been kept at the necessary temperature to preserve product efficacy. It offers high speeds up to 600 ppm, accurate label placement, easy operation, and fast changeover.

Suitable for more than vaccines, the VVM label applicator is ideal for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers and contract packers handling vials, bottles or other containers that hold temperature-sensitive products.

Each container is positively transported via a servo-driven mechanism. The labeling head unwinds the label web and precisely applies a label on either top or side of each container. A camera verifies the presence and position of the VVM label, and out-of-tolerance containers can be automatically rejected.

Featuring stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction, the VVM label applicator complies with cGMP standards. It can be installed on a new WLS labeler or as an upgrade on an existing WLS labeler.