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Palletizer Classes

Sept. 13, 2022
The cobot-based Smart Palletizer versions from Smart Robotics are designed to optimize box stacking and are considerably user friendly.

Ensuring there are more versatile pick and place solutions to establish automated warehouses, the Essential, Advanced, and Premium versions of the Smart Palletizer cobot optimize operations. These classes of the Smart Palletizer allow for greater item stacking efficiency in warehouses experiencing labor shortages.

The Essential Version is a robust system that is capable of handling a large variety of products. It is compact, can handle multiple different stacking patterns, and can readjust itself as needed.

The Advanced Version can stack a larger variety of boxes in terms of size and allows for more complex stacking patterns. They system can also stack boxes to a great height and can integrate directly into the WMS.

The Premium Version offers the best in next-gen, end-of-line automation. It can handle packaged confectionery items and pharmaceutical products all the way to open boxes.

Users can choose the solution that best matches their needs. Each version is safe to interact with and highly user friendly.

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