Supply Chain Risk Management

Sept. 14, 2022
Avetta Business Risk takes a global approach by pulling financial information and business data from thousands of sources to drive supply chain resilience.

Helping companies uncover and mitigate hidden financial risks in the global supply chain, Avetta Business Risk in the Avetta One platform goes beyond checking a credit score or financial report; it closely monitors suppliers’ credit strength, financial health, legal proceedings, adverse media, political sanctions, and more.

It drives supply chain resilience by pulling financial information from 200 data and 30,000 media sources globally. The data is monitored and updated in real-time.

The system alerts companies when a risk factor changes with a current supplier and provides the most comprehensive way to evaluate a potential supplier’s business and financial risks during the procurement process. The Avetta platform also enables organizations to source new suppliers with lower risks.

Avetta Business Risk is powered by Creditsafe, combining global financial data from thousands of resources around 46 risk factors with Avetta’s comprehensive risk profiling system. It provides both a business specific risk score and a global business risk grade. Clients can drill down on any specific risk factor to receive more information when making procurement and supplier decisions.

Avetta Business Risk provides key credit and financial information on nearly 400 million companies in 165 countries with global, real-time data monitoring and alerts.


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