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Ready-to-Use Automation

Sept. 20, 2022
The LBR iisy cobot from KUKA quickly and easily integrates into any manufacturing application.

The LBR iisy cobot quickly and easily integrates into any manufacturing application. As ready-to-use automation, it can work with pre-defined production processes to open, unstructured work environments with unpredictable conditions. With six axes, a 3 kg payload, 600 mm maximum reach, and 18.8 kg overall weight, the LBR iisy is well suited for overcoming the challenges posed by confined workspaces. Whether loading/unloading machines, assembling components or packaging, the cobot provides increased versatility and can be immediately operated by anyone. The user-friendly system adapts to the corresponding level of user knowledge.

The LBR iisy is fully embedded into the KUKA Industry 4.0 ecosystem. In addition to the availability of downloadable software apps, the KUKA Connect cloud solution allows users to access and analyze the cobot’s data at any time. The LBR iisy is equipped with high-grade joint torque sensors integrated in all its axes. These sensors respond to the slightest of external forces and provide certified collision protection.


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