Top Module & Cart System

Sept. 28, 2022
ROEQ's TMC500 Cart Solution is built for the OMRON LD-250 AMR.

Developed for the OMRON LD-250 AMR, the TMC500 Cart Solution consists of a top module and the Cart500, doubling the payload capacity to 1,102 lb. (500 kg); it provides a standardized, safe, and flexible solution for internal logistics tasks. The solution is versatile, with free space pick up and mounting holes on the Cart500 for attaching crates and shelves on top of the cart. For efficiency, the robot can dock to the cart from both ends and has easy access to the emergency stop button for cargo up to 47.2 in. (120 cm).

The ROEQ solution comes with software for easy and consistent setup of the system, enabling a seamless integration between the ROEQ TMC500 and the OMRON LD-250. The software includes ROEQ Assist and ROEQ safety zones definitions, and the solution works with the OMRON operating panel.


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