Stack Prep System

Oct. 7, 2022
Edson's KDF Stack Prep System adds much needed automation to the infeed area of a case packer.

A robotic cell that automates the infeed area of a case packer, the KDF Stack Prep System adds increased flexibility and efficiency. The KDF (knocked down flat) system prepares the cases by cutting bands and removing dunnage and other cardboard or paper materials used during transportation. The stacks are then straightened, squared, and presented to the case packer.

The KDF Stack Prep System was developed in response to customers looking to integrate automation into more aspects of packaging as it is more accurate and repeatable. Removing the correct amount of dunnage, finding all the bands and papers to take out of the stack, and orienting cases is difficult when done manually. The system also scans barcodes to verify that the correct stack has been loaded into the machine, taking human error out of the equation.


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