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Small Industrial Robot

Oct. 14, 2022
The IRB 1010 from ABB is designed to suit the narrow spaces and special purpose machines typical of electronics production environments.

The company’s smallest ever industrial robot, the IRB 1010 has been designed to meet growing consumer demand for wearable smart devices. The compact size, class-leading payload, and accuracy offer electronics manufacturers the opportunity to increase their production of devices. With a reach of 14.6 in. (370 mm) and a footprint of 5.3 x 9.8 in. (135 x 250 mm), it is 30% smaller than ABB’s current smallest robot. These compact dimensions increase the number of cells that can be fit into production spaces, enabling manufacturers to boost output.

Capable of handling loads up to 3.3 lb. (1.5 kg), the IRB 1010 has the ability to lift up to three times more weight than comparable robots. This increased payload capacity – coupled with a larger diameter air hose that provides added power for vacuum suction – enables simultaneous handling of multiple objects, allowing more objects to be processed per hour. It also opens opportunities for new applications including film peeling, material handling, assembly, gluing, and inspection. Productivity is further enhanced by the inclusion of six braking systems, which allow the robot arm to remain in its position even when stopped.

Key to the high accuracy is ABB’s OmniCore E10 controller, which offers class-leading position and path repeatability of 0.0004 in. (0.01 mm). With its slimline design, the controller is well suited to small part assembly in applications where production cell sizes need to be minimized. The controller offers the flexibility to meet changing requirements. It also enables manufacturers to cut their energy costs and improve energy efficiency.