Mobile Lifting Solution

Oct. 14, 2022
Capable of lifting materials up to 90 lb. (40 kg), TAWI's Mobile High Frequency Lifter is a faster, safer, and easier material handling method.

The Mobile High Frequency Lifter (MHL) is a portable vacuum lifter designed to be used inside of any ocean freight or box truck to reduce manual lifting of materials during loading and unloading. Comprised of a vacuum lifter integrated into a portable jib crane on a base plate, it is capable of lifting materials up to 90 lb. (40 kg).

With its trigger style controller, the operator can lift and move product without exerting any lifting force. The MHL features a patented jib arm for low overhead spaces which is capable of horizontally gripping packages or materials to remove them from the top of a container or box truck. The unit is free-standing and powered by either 3-phase electrical or optional battery pack for completely cordless mobility. The MHL comes with a standard base plate design that any common forklift or pallet jack can support. This mobilizes the MHL to move around your facility and be deployed for applications beyond container loading and unloading.


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