Vertical Lift Stage

Nov. 30, 2022
The OES AT20-600 Series allows for positioning of Multi-Axis Stages, flasks, stirrers, hotplates, and other lab equipment.

With a vertical lift of 23.6 in. (600 mm), the AT20-600 Series of Motorized Vertical Lift Stages feature stability, high loading, and low cost. The AT20-600-01 is driven by a Two-Phase Stepper Motor and features a repeatability of 0.0002 in. (5 µm), positional accuracy of 0.0008 in. (20 µm), and has a knob on the motor for manual adjustment. The AT20-600-02 is driven by a Brushless DC Servo Motor with a Quadrature Incremental Encoder, and the AT20-600-03 is driven by a DC Servo Motor with a Quadrature Incremental Encoder. Each of the Servo Motor options offer higher travel speeds, increased positional accuracy, and repeatability. The AT20-600-04 is driven by a Two-Phase Stepper Motor with a Quadrature Incremental Encoder mounted on the motor for position verification.   

The large 23.6 by 23.6 in. (600 by 600 mm) stage table has a pattern of threaded mounting holes, and the rigid box construction of the moving component of the elevator stage travels on six slide rails to always assures smooth vertical travel and parallelism of the table and mounting surface.

The high 110 lb. (50 kg) load capacity of the AT20-600 stages allows for positioning in a broad range of industrial, medical, semiconductor, and research applications.

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