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Sealless Steel Strapping Tool

Dec. 6, 2022
Signode's BST Battery Powered Tool for Sealless Steel Strapping allows for seamless operation with full mobility throughout the plant.

Featuring an ergonomic design and multiple productivity-enhancing features, the BST Battery Powered Tool for Sealless Steel Strapping delivers performance in demanding applications. The BST simplifies operation and maximizes reliability with an electronically controlled and reproducible strapping process. It features a sealless notched joint that enables increased security and stability for loads requiring heavy duty tension.

The BST also enables increased operational efficiency, with a battery charge time of just 30 minutes and up to 500 cycles per charge. These features allow for seamless and continuous operation with full mobility throughout the plant. While the tool is also effective in stationary applications, the mobility of the unit eliminates tripping hazards and limitations of air systems.

Lightweight and ergonomic, the tool’s innovative design allows for effortless operation. Intelligent features include an intuitive touchscreen user interface, real time indication of the strapping status, and visual and acoustic signals. The touchscreen interface also allows for quick and comfortable adjustment of the strapping parameters depending on the package. Users can also select manual, semi or fully automatic operation modes, as well as program a favorite setting for accurate and repeatable strap tensioning and sealing.

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