Configurable Lift Truck

Dec. 16, 2022
The GP40-70N Lift Truck from Yale Materials Handling Corporation features a spacious compartment with easily adjustable controls.

Available in the 4,000 to 7,000 lb. (1,814 to 3,175 kg) capacity range, the GP40-70N models are the first lift trucks in the Series N lineup. Along with its configurability, these models come with standard features such as an operator-centric design, enhanced visibility, safety and productivity, and low total cost of ownership.

A large, strategically located step, generous grab handle, and contoured hood make it easy for the operator to get on and off the truck. A spacious compartment with easily adjustable controls helps operators stay comfortable. The low dash and wide mast help to enhance visibility of the fork tips and load when picking, placing or traveling forward.

The GP40-70N can be ordered with optional operator assistance systems designed to further support operator and pedestrian awareness and help prevent facility and product damage in specific applications. These technologies include a rear-facing camera and rear-view display, spotlights and pedestrian awareness lights, and pre-set lift height selector.

Yale Materials Handling Corporation

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