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Intelligent Dolly Mover

Jan. 25, 2023
The ODM robot from AGILOX targets a new area of applications: the transport of small load carriers.

The Omnidirectional Dolly Mover (ODM) is an autonomous robot controlled by the AGILOX X-Swarm intelligence. It can accept loads with a maximum weight of 661 lb. (300 kg) to a maximum lifting height of 10 in. (250 mm) and transports them to their destination. The intelligent AMR concept opens up new areas of applications and other industry segments where small load carriers, which the new AGILOX ODM is designed to transport, are widely used, especially in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

A true AMR, the compact vehicle travels autonomously and navigates freely on the production floor or in the warehouse. The AGILOX ODM uses an omnidirectional drive concept; this allows it to travel transversely into rack aisles and turn on the spot, enabling it to maneuver even in the tightest spaces. The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) accumulator ensures short charge times and long operating cycles.

Since AGILOX AMRs have no central fleet management system and can navigate in the existing warehouse and production facility environment with millimeter precision, there is no need for time-consuming and costly modifications to the existing infrastructure. Autonomous route-finding also enables the vehicles to avoid obstacles unaided. If it is impossible to get past a detected obstacle due to its size or the available clearance, the AMRs calculate a new route within seconds to reach their destination as quickly as possible. Furthermore, fully autonomous routing ensures a safe workflow – even in mixed operations.

Plug & Perform commissioning means that, once the AMRs have been put into operation, they organize themselves according to the decentralized architecture of swarm intelligence.