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L-shaped Work Cell Workstation

Feb. 23, 2023
Creform Corp. has developed an L-shaped work-cell workstation to aid and assist in assembly operations.

Creform Corp. has developed an L-shaped work-cell workstation for an electronics components manufacturer to aid and assist its assembly operation. The L-shape line configuration supports one-piece-flow assembly practices. This flexibility makes it possible to add or remove associates as manufacturing needs change. The station could be run with one person or two if more production is needed.

The workstation features a variation of Creform’s skate wheel conveyors. Above the work surface are two levels of supply lanes that allow flow of small and medium sized bins. The upper shelf has a slight angle to return empty boxes. The lower section of the workstation also utilizes standard plastic wheel conveyors for larger totes to flow underneath the surface.

The work surface is made of durable HDPE plastic. At the top of the structure, a horizontal pipe is included to provide a location for hanging tools and could also accommodate a work light.

Due to the flexibility of the Creform system of pipe and joints, each of the custom configurable workstation has a dimension of  39" W x 59" L x 86" H that allows the manufacturer to optimize its floor space and to use available workspace.

Creform Corp.

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