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Truck-Mounted Forklifts

March 29, 2023
Manitou has launched two new truck-mounted forklifts with vertical masts.

Manitou has launched two new truck-mounted forklifts with vertical masts: the TMM 45 rear-wheel steer and the TMM 45-4W four-way steer models. These new rough terrain forklifts with a rated load capacity of 4,500 pounds are designed for truck mounting while featuring numerous heavy-duty features, such as rough terrain masts, chassis and tires.

The vehicles are suitable for off-road operation with 10-inches of ground clearance, and the four-wheel steer model (TMM 45 4W) provides added versatility while carrying long loads.

The Manitou TMM models provide up to a 12-foot, 9-inch maximum lift height with a 63-inch outreach standard, or up to 96-inch outreach with optional telescopic forks. This allows for one-side loading/unloading on truck beds using a strong extending linkage that provides a 40-inch outreach. Adding telescopic forks to the standard package adds 31 inches of reach. Standard stabilizers are also included to ensure operators can handle the maximum lift capacity when unloading for efficient performance in any condition.


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