Apptronik Apollo Receiving Box

Humanoid Robot for Case and Tote Handling

Aug. 28, 2023
Apptronik has introduced Apollo, a humanoid robot designed for friendly interaction and capable of case and tote handling.

Apptronik has introduced Apollo, a humanoid robot designed for friendly interaction, mass manufacturability, performance and safety. It’s built to work in environments designed for, and directly alongside, humans. Apptronik is initially focused on case and tote handling solutions in the logistics and manufacturing industries.

At roughly human size (5 foot 8 inches tall and 160 pounds in weight with the ability to lift 55 pounds), Apollo has a force control architecture that maintains safe operation around people similar to a collaborative robot versus a traditional industrial robot.

Apollo’s strategic design was developed by argodesign, who created a form that balances complexity and approachability, is easy to use and work with, and is distinct and recognizable. Digital panels on Apollo’s face and chest foster easy communication and its friendly, human-like countenance sets a new standard for human-robot interactions, approximating a congenial face-to-face exchange with a favorite co-worker.

Apollo’s swappable batteries, each with a four-hour runtime, allow the robots to continue working with a simple battery change rather than each unit requiring a plug-in charge during which time they cannot complete their tasks.


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