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Safety Gate

Dec. 6, 2023

Mezzanine Safeti-Gates has introduced the Roly Product Containment safety gate design, which includes a high strength, high visibility netting system on the ledge side gate that prevents products from falling from elevated storage systems. In addition, the netting on the safety gates prevent employees from getting their hands into the loading zone, away from the machines that are increasingly loading and unloading pallets in drop areas.

As the demand for warehouse and material handling space remains high, material handling and warehouses are continually adding multi-level rack and other product storage systems into facilities. If the storage systems are not contained, products are at risk for falling from upper levels, leaving employees, robots and other equipment at risk for injury or damage. The Roly Product Containment design uses netting systems that will contain items two inches or larger, helping to ensure the product is free from damage to itself, employees or machines below.

When the pallet drop area is being loaded, the ledge side gate is open and the netting compacts into the system, clearing the way for pallets to be moved into place. After loading is finished and the pallet area is ready for picking, the ledge side gate closes and the netting extends from the deck to the top frame of the gate, providing full length coverage to prevent products from falling, decreasing the risk of damage while being picked or moved from the area.

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