Robotic Depalletizer

Feb. 21, 2024
OSARO has launched the OSARO Robotic Depalletization System.

OSARO has launched the OSARO Robotic Depalletization System. It is equipped with OSARO SightWorks Perception Software, which enables the robot to recognize, select and grasp the varied sizes and materials of unevenly stacked packages commonly found on mixed-case pallets that arrive at a loading dock.

OSARO’s precise perception technology can recognize foreign objects or damaged boxes, and alert workers so the hazard can be removed before injury or further damage.

The system’s baseline features include:

Mixed-case box recognition on complex pallets—identifies center, dimensions, and orientation; determines damage score or error conditions.

Foreign object detection—identifies foreign objects such as box cutters, tools, and tape dispensers.

Damaged box detection—identifies damaged or structurally unsound boxes to avoid risky picks.

Protruding box detection—identifies boxes that are within a defined distance beyond the pallet coordinates.

Flexible deployment—built on skids that can easily be moved with a forklift within or between facilities.


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