Stretch Sleeve Labels

Stretch Sleeve Labels [New Products]

Nov. 13, 2014

Automated Packaging Systems is now manufacturing the AutoSleeve brand of stretch sleeve labels. AutoSleeve products are available in a wide range of sizes with 360 degree print coverage to maximize brand awareness.

The new stretch sleeves are available in clear or white opaque films, both plain and printed in up to 10-colors. These low-density polyethylene sleeves are manufactured in 2, 3 or 4 mil thicknesses and are 100% recyclable. AutoSleeve labels are moisture-proof and resist degradation due to UV or extreme temperatures. Stretch sleeves are held in place by the natural elastic properties of polyethylene, requiring no heat or adhesives to attach to the container. AutoSleeve materials are a cost-effective way to optimize product labeling and compete for shelf appeal and consumer attention.

Stretch sleeves are designed for a range of containers used in food and beverage applications, household products, automotive, industrial and pet supplies.

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