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Automated Mixed Case Palletizing Solution [New Products]

July 14, 2015
Dematic has introduced AMCAP (Automated Mixed Case Palletizing), a new order fulfillment solution that automates the palletizing of mixed cases.

Dematic has introduced AMCAP, a new order fulfillment solution that automates the palletizing of mixed cases. AMCAP, which stands for Automated Mixed Case Palletizing, is a high-performance case palletizing system designed to accommodate the growing need to assemble pallets more efficiently. The solution is designed for grocery retailers, beverage distributors and producers of consumable products.

The AMCAP solution supports an effective pallet unloading process at the pallet destination, typically a retail store. When a pallet built by the AMCAP solution arrives at a destination, shelf restocking is optimized as the cases are arranged on the pallet in a specific sequence. AMCAP pallets are typically assembled with the cases arranged by family group to correlate to the appropriate aisle in the store. Stock clerks can replenish shelves more quickly and efficiently, which increases customer satisfaction with product availability.

The outbound pallet is stable; automation allows cases to be stacked more densely and higher on the pallet. Freight costs are reduced by maximizing the use of truck trailer transport space.

The AMCAP system combines scalability with a compact footprint, allowing the modular automation to fit into existing facilities. Full pallets of one SKU are de-layered by a robot. The cases are singulated and placed into an automated buffer staging module. Performance optimizing software releases the cases from the buffer in a precise sequence for pallet assembly. A robotic palletizer receives the cases and automatically builds the pallet.


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